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Whether it is your first baby or fifth- sometimes it is nice to take a prenatal class to help you calm your fears or give reminders on everything pregnancy and labor and delivery.Online Prenatal Class for Couples Full Deluxe Course The Online Prenatal Class for Couples 1 Course Bundle %.Dr. Robert A. Bradley published his book Husband-Coached Childbirth in 1965, and the classes have helped couples put those principles into action.Class Guidelines We strive to achieve an exclusive community environment we accept 24 people per class If you are late for class please do not enter until teacher permits.

Couples will learn essential breathing and relaxation techniques to help prepare both your body and mind for birth.Many hospitals offer them so check your local hospital or ask your doctor to suggest a class.

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Since I was expecting my first child, I decided to attend one.The Couples Workshop is designed to complement other childbirth education classes by more specifically exploring the role of breathing and movement in labour, and by providing adequate time for both parents to learn, understand and practice these essentials.

Massage is recommended during pregnancy because it can address many common discomforts associated with the changes brought on by both hormonal and center of gravity shifts during pregnancy.Yogalife Studios has multiple locations in Edmonton, offering all yoga styles, from hot yoga to prenatal yoga.

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Good classes include info on pregnancy, labor and postpartum issues that are relevant and beneficial for every mom-to-be and her partner.As far as I know, however, no attempt has ever been made to compare the characteristics of couples attending both types of classes, looking for differences that might influence teaching.Some couples may want their whole class to deal with issues predominantly facing queer families.About Eileen: Eileen has been living and practising yoga as a path of healing and transformation for over 32 years.

Partners will learn vital ways to offer support and encouragement through this journey.Suggestions for partners providing labor support are presented.

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This one day Prenatal Class is a great way for you and your spouse to plan for the birth of your baby.The goal of this class is to get you ready for your own labor by explaining what labor is and what can happen during childbirth.During your pregnancy, massage is a great way to keep in tune with your body.

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The Halton Online Prenatal Program is a web-based, mobile-friendly program that includes audio voiceover, closed captioning, videos, quizzes, and more to help you learn about healthy pregnancy, labour and birth, breastfeeding and taking care of your newborn.

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The researchers looked at almost 400 couples who had either took a series of parenting classes (five prenatal and four after birth), or had literature mailed to them.

This is a great class for couples taking a basic childbirth education class, or couples wanting a refresher course for a second baby.

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Online Birthing Classes- in this day and age, the ability to take an online prenatal class is easier than ever before.

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